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Der Südosten Litauens als hybrider Sprachraum? Überlegungen mit Blick auf Polszczyzna Wileńska und Po Prostu

Southeast Lithuania is particularly suitable for researching linguistic contact phenomenain general and the Balto-Slavic contacts in particular. For this very reason, the article investigates how the concept of hybridity being applied in cultural studies can be used todescribe and better understand this language area and identity issues. The focus here lieson the Polish idiom (called polszczyzna wileńska), a mixed polish-based urban variety commonly used by youth in Vilnius, as well as on the mixed Belarusian-based variety or idiom (called po prostu), both de facto showing further internal (socio-) linguistic variation. Thearticle discusses how the idioms spoken in and around Lithuania’s capital Vilnius can besociolinguistically classified and which role both the hybrid language practices and selfattributions like ‘the Locals’ (called tutejszy/tutejsi) play herein.



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