Die Harmonia vocum hebræarum cum Sclavonicis rutenicis et polonicis von Simon Todorskij : Ein neuer Archivfund zu vergleichenden Sprach- und Bibelstudien an der Universität Halle im frühen 18. Jahrhundert

The present paper is dedicated to a manuscript which was produced by the pietistic circles at the university of Halle, which initiated investigations into orientalism at the beginning of the 18th century. The manuscript at present day is conserved in the main archives of the Franckesche Stiftungen at Halle. Its author is Simeon Todorskij, who later became a Hebraist at the Kiev Spiritual Academy and who is mainly renowned for his translations of pietistic edifying literature from German into Russian which he accomplished in the period of his studies at the theological faculty of the Halle University in the 1730s.


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