К вопросу о ранних славянских переводах : (Наблюдения над славянским переводом Истории иудейской войны Иосифа Флавия)

The article deals with the early Slavonic translations from Greek and the problem of their attribution to South or East Slavic lands. Some principles of localization of translated works are critically discussed and some of the criteria for that are verified. А new phenomenon not yet mentioned in the scientific literature is pointed out: formation of compound numerals with къ preposition. The phenomenon is widely presented in the translation of Flavius` Jewish War. It is defined as peculiar for the languages of Balkan linguistic family; viz. the translation of Flavius` Jewish War (preserved only in East Slavonic codices) is considered to present some traces indicating eventual South Slavic origin. Concluding the article puts in а claim for а more complex approach to the translations made before the 13th century.


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