Kritisch-historische Ausgabe der Tolkovaja Psaltir’ Brunona (1535)

The aim of the project is the critical edition, based on all the complete manuscripts, of a little known text from the Novgorodian period (end of the 15th-fi rst half of the 16th century), namely the Church Slavonic translation of the commented Psalter (Expositio Psalmorum) by Bruno, bishop of Würzburg (11th century); the work, translated at the request of Makarij, archbishop of Novgorod, by Dmitrij Gerasimov, was completed on 15 October 1535. The edition will contain also the parallel Medieval Latin text, according to the printed edition by Anton Koberger. The Church Slavonic-Latin and Latin-Church Slavonic indexes of words will show the lexical peculiarities of this text. The Church Slavonic text deserves to be taken into account not only from the cultural, historical and theological point of view, but also because of the contamination between the Church Slavonic tradition of the Psalter and the Latin model: in quite a few cases the text of the Psalms differs lexically and morphosyntactically from the usual redactions and gives rise to a mixed form. The gigantic Church Slavonic text allows the Slavicists to investigate the Novgorodian translations as a cultural-historical and linguistic phenomenon. An answer to the question of the actual spread and importance of this commented Psalter can be given only on the basis of a historical-critical edition of both texts, the Latin original and the Church Slavonic translation.


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